Chinese Herb Formulas for Ear Infections on Sale!

Recently, Cara posted an excerpt of a chapter from her book TCM Case Studies, Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Disorders, published by Peoples Medical Publishing House on the treatment of Otitis Media. We wanted to promote the blog with a sale on the formulas that are discussed in the excerpt. For the month of July, these formulas can be […]

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Bi Choo-The Cedar Fever Easer

Bi Choo For Sniveling Sneeze Bi Choo is based on Professor Tan Jing-Shu’s Wēn Yáng Qū Fēng Tāng (Yang-Warming and Wind-Dispelling Decoction) and combines the treatment principles of dispelling wind-cold, warming and tonifying the kidney yang, nourishing the kidney yin, stopping pain and stabilizing the defensive qi. The formula intelligently repurposes classical formulas, such as […]

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Forsythia: the Harbinger of Spring!

It’s April in Philadelphia and we are in that glorious moment where everything is popping up yellow. Daffodils are everywhere and forsythia is reaching skyward. In Chinese medicine, Lián Qiào, Forsythiae Fructus连翘 is used as a heat clearing medicinal. The name translates as lián “wagon” and qiào “ a kind of ancient cart. This refers […]

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