• China Herb Company Trusted By Acupuncturists For Over 23 Years

    No one knows more about easing sinus and allergy symptoms than China Herb Company. We literally wrote the book!

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  • 5:1 Granule Concentrates from Legendary Herbs

    Sourced from China’s largest granule manufacturer in a GMP facility. Use classical formulas or have them custom blended to your specifications.

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  • China Herb Company Trusted By Acupuncturists For Over 23 Years

    Since 1991, China Herb Company has been the #1 source for custom Chinese herb formulas. Purveyors of raw, granule and liquid concentrates.

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  • Six Fishes Formulas

    Our proprietary formulas. Inspired by ancient herb formulas. Updated for the modern world. Low alcohol. 8:1. Amazing flavor. Extraordinary Qi.

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  • Little Fishes Formulas

    Fever Clear, Ear Clear and Nose Clear. Low Alcohol with Glycerin. Made by an acupuncturist and a mom. Time tested and safe. 

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  • Classic Formulas

    Classical Chinese Herb Formulas. Low alcohol. 8:1. Extraordinary flavor and Qi. You can use them as they are written, or have  them Custom blended for you. 

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  • CC13 Formulas

    Inspired by Classical Chinese formulas, updated for modern day complaints

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  • Cancer Support

    Proprietary formulas to help you thrive

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  • Effective Cough and Cold Relief

  • Labels and Herb ID Kits

    We’ve supported Schools, Students and Dispensary’s for years.Fully customizable labels for herb containers and Herb ID kits. Choose your herbs, the size label you wish, or just purchase our standard kit of over 300 labels. Students must know visual identification of Chinese herbs to practice it safely. Our students use the kits as study flash cards.

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  • passionate advocates of the art and tradition of custom written herbal formulas

    We love the elegance of Chinese herbology. We love the harmony of a well-written herbal formula. We love supporting your passion for this too.

    China Herb Company is committed to the tradition of customizing Chinese herb formulas.
    As your personal herbal dispensary, we handle the complexities of creating formulas customized to your client’s precise needs

  • Why Use China Herb Company?

    We’re committed to helping you improve clinical results with carefully crafted herbal formulas, whether bulk, granule, or extract.

    Our goal, like yours, is clinically accurate results with complete convenience

  • Custom formulas delivered directly to you or your patient

    We want to make it easy for everyone.
  • Small batch formulas prepared precisely to your specifications

    Committed to custom formulations. China Herb Company prepares custom Chinese herb formulas for hundreds of practitioners and their patients across the U.S.
  • You can be assured of the highest purity and quality

    We are sticklers for safety and transparency. All formulas are delivered with the ingredients printed right on the label.
  • Outstanding customer support

    Excellent results with quality herbal products are your best advertisement. Consult with our experts to create a focused, effective treatment strategy.